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Jue Engels

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Focus Areas

Executive Coaching

Support leaders to build up resilience, and to develop strategies to embrace the challenges and effective solutions to achieve the goals.

Transition Coaching

Help expats to develop intercultural intelligence and growth mindsets so as to navigate through the transition period smoothly and to thrive in the new environment.

Team Coaching

Support building up high-performing teams with enhanced positivity and productivity with the approach of the Team Coaching Model and the Team Diagnostic Assessment.

Organisational Consulting

Advising and facilitating organisations in the restructuring programs and the change management processes to ensure a smooth transformation and to reach the defined targets.

Selected Corporate Clients:

MarionHead of Marketing, Berlin

After being promoted, I was grateful to have Jue by my side as a coach. She not only supported me in going through challenging times with confidence and determination, but also prepared me well to build up my own team. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to overcome my insecurity and found my inner strength to make difficult decisions and take full responsibility for them.

LinDesigner, Berlin

Jue is a very empathic, inspiring, and professional coach. I have been coached for more than one year and I can not count how many new things we explored together. Every time we meet there is always a lot of positivity and energy. Jue has given me lots of space for me to express myself and lead me to find the answers within. Through lots of mindful practice and reflections, Jue has shown great empathy and made me feel comfortable and safe to speak about challenges even deeper. The growth I have been through is tremendous. I am now becoming more confident and courageous in my career as well as my personal life. I would definitely recommend her to be your coach!

RikProject Manager, Netherlands

Jue has an amazing aura that provides a safe space, it does not happen that often that you talk to someone who you feel deeply cares for you. Besides that she asks relevant and often confronting questions that have helped me move my perspective and reach a higher state of consciousness. I would definitely recommend Jue('s coaching) to anyone that needs someone to hold them and coach them through difficult times, or to a more fulfilled life.

RichardHR Manager, Switzerland

Jue worked with me during our co-active coaching training. She helped me to explore and dig deeper into my own stories and create a new path forward. Jue is compassionate, knowledgeable, and focused on helping me to explore my full potential. Her questions and guidance have been extremely helpful.

JuergCoach and Trainer, Switzerland

Jue was committed to my vision, my goals, and my business. She courageously carried my flag with determination and emotional intelligence, expanding my world-view beyond my imagination. I highly recommend Jue's coaching services.

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