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Focus Areas

Executive Coaching

Support leaders to build up resilience, and to develop strategies to embrace the challenges and effective solutions to achieve the goals.

Transition Coaching

Help expats to develop intercultural intelligence and growth mindsets so as to navigate through the transition period smoothly and to thrive in the new environment.

Team Coaching

Support building up high-performing teams with enhanced positivity and productivity with the approach of the Team Coaching Model and the Team Diagnostic Assessment.

Organisational Consulting

Advising and facilitating organisations in the restructuring programs and the change management processes to ensure a smooth transformation and to reach the defined targets.

Selected Corporate Clients:

FannySenior Quality Assurance Manager, Guangzhou, China

My coaching journey with Jue has been an unforgettable experience. It has helped me feel more confident and determined in pursuing my goals, believing that I am the best version of myself. Jue has created a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and emotions and find strengths and solutions within them. Jue's coaching style is highly empathetic and insightful. She has challenged my assumptions and helped me gain new perspectives and establish medium and long-term goals. My breakthrough in self-awareness and self-trust has allowed myself to make wiser choices and achieve my true aspirations. I am now able to actively embrace challenges, develop strategies and take actions accordingly. I am extremely grateful to have met Jue, as she has made my life and work much better. I highly recommend Jue's coaching services to anyone seeking personal and professional development, as she can empower you to become the best version of yourself!

ChristophSenior Executive Consultant, Baden-Württemberg

Jue helped me to clarify my professional direction and empowered me to identify and pursue a career path that aligns with my passions and strengths. Her guidance led me to a greater understanding of my professional potential, and I am now on a more fulfilling career trajectory. Jue's commitment to her clients' success is evident in her dedication. She consistently provided guidance, resources, and unwavering support whenever I needed it. Her positive energy and passion for coaching were contagious and served as a constant source of inspiration throughout our coaching journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Jue as a personal coach. Her expertise in professional orientation, self-esteem building, and goal-focused coaching is remarkable. Thanks to Jue's guidance, I have achieved personal and professional growth that I previously thought was unattainable. I am very grateful for her support, and I have no doubt that she will continue to positively impact the lives of many others in her coaching endeavours!

VicenteProject Director, Berlin

I am incredibly grateful for Jue, my Career Coach, who has played a pivotal role in my professional journey. With her guidance, I smoothly transitioned from being a lawyer in the public sector to pursuing an MBA, entering the field of sustainability as a consultant, and even launching my own board game company. Jue's support as a sparring partner, her ability to offer fresh perspectives, and her unwavering motivation have been instrumental in my success. She not only helped me set goals and take action, but also provided invaluable emotional support. I highly recommend Jue to anyone seeking a dedicated and inspiring Career Coach.

LinDesigner, Berlin

Jue is a very empathic, inspiring, and professional coach. I have been coached for more than one year and I can not count how many new things we explored together. Every time we meet there is always a lot of positivity and energy. Jue has given me lots of space for me to express myself and lead me to find the answers within. Through lots of mindful practice and reflections, Jue has shown great empathy and made me feel comfortable and safe to speak about challenges even deeper. The growth I have been through is tremendous. I am now becoming more confident and courageous in my career as well as my personal life. I would definitely recommend her to be your coach!

MarionHead of Marketing, Berlin

After being promoted, I was grateful to have Jue by my side as a coach. She not only supported me in going through challenging times with confidence and determination, but also prepared me well to build up my own team. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to overcome my insecurity and found my inner strength to make difficult decisions and take full responsibility for them!

XiaoleiHead of Business Development, Berlin

Jue is a trustworthy, competent and wonderful coach. She helped me discover valuable insights into my career and personal growth, and gain tremendous positive energy in general. I really loved our visualization exercises and deep-dive conversations. My coaching experience with her was transformational!

Ching-YunSenior Financial Accountant, Munich

During my MBA and post-MBA job search, I am lucky and grateful to have had Jue as my Career Coach. Jue fostered a psychological safety environment in our coaching sessions. Her adept questioning and attentive listening have guided me to explore my abilities and discover my inner strengths. The job-hunting journey itself has been undoubtedly challenging and difficult, but Jue has consistently reached out to check on my progress and offered to help. This has made me feel supported and reassured that I wasn't alone, and you do not often meet someone who genuinely cares about you. I highly recommend Jue’s coaching sessions to anyone who’s eager to grow and transform.

LinaSenior Director of Business Steering, Baden-Württemberg

Jue has led my PQ (Positive Intelligence) pod as our coach for 2 months. I enjoyed very much working with her. Her professionalism, calmness and empathy are impressive. I could always turn to her for my PQ questions. I very much appreciate her always honest and inspiring feedbacks and inputs. Thank you sincerely for supporting me in this eye-opening journey!

ChloeSales & Marketing Director, Guangzhou, China


RikProject Manager, Netherlands

Jue has an amazing aura that provides a safe space, it does not happen that often that you talk to someone who you feel deeply cares for you. Besides that she asks relevant and often confronting questions that have helped me move my perspective and reach a higher state of consciousness. I would definitely recommend Jue('s coaching) to anyone that needs someone to hold them and coach them through difficult times, or to a more fulfilled life.

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