Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching may be suitable for you

  • if you have just moved from Asia to Europe, or vice versa, either as an ex-pat or to build up your own business, and found yourself often confronted with cultural differences/clashes. You want to find an effective way to adjust yourself to the new environment to ensure a smooth transition.
  • if you have repatriated back to your home country and feel at unease and lost due to the reverse cultural shock, and wonder how to reposition yourself in the fast-changing society in your home country and adapt to your new life.

With my profound intercultural experiences, I will inspire you to gain new perspectives and insights through the evolving dynamics in the challenging time and fast-changing environment. I will help you to enhance your intercultural competence first by developing deeper self-awareness so that you can fully understand your own culture and how your behaviour, thoughts, values and beliefs have been shaped by your culture. I will then guide you to improve your intercultural communication skills by listening, observation and learning without judgement. You will be able to develop empathy, understanding and respect for different cultural behaviours by fostering a global mindset.

I will support you to build up your intercultural intelligence by focusing on and leveraging cultural similarities, embracing cultural differences and create synergies that will help you to reach your goals. You will be able to navigate through the transformational process and the transition period with a global mindset and clear focus, targeting your development efforts in the areas where they can make the most impact. I will empower you to grow with confidence and thrive in a multicultural environment!

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