Team Coaching

  • Are you leading a cross-cultural team/function with multinational colleagues locating in different countries and you are sensing that there are often miscommunications and cultural clashes, which demands lots of co-ordination to have daily work carried out and projects executed?
  • Are you looking for effective ways to improve the teamwork and the overall engagement?
  • Are you facing a post-merger integration or change management program within an international organisation, where teams/functions have been either newly set-up or re-structured with multinational colleagues from different locations? It is essential to (re)build up the team spirit and trust to ensure a smooth transformation. You need a facilitator to support you during the change management process.

The agile learning of the team coaching is by far the best learning for the team. Coaching creates sustainable behaviour change and Team Coaching engages all team members and resources, opens them up and let them collaborate, reflect and recover together.

With my extensive intercultural experiences and broad business expertise, I will help your organization/team to foster a global mindset and develop relationship systems intelligence. I will support you as the leader, to create a safe space for all team members to openly share their feelings, ideas and thoughts and ensure mutual understanding. We will develop a deep and comprehensive awareness of the team dynamics. I will support you to develop an open, inclusive and belonging team culture and a strong sense of team identity. We will clarify, define and align the purpose and goals within the team. I will guide the team to focus on cultural similarities and embrace cultural differences so that they will be able to leverage the similarities and common interests as an effective platform to create synergies, unlock the team potentials and expand the collective power. Together we will empower the team members to build trust, constructive and fruitful working relationships and to achieve the aligned goals with full commitment.

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„People will learn to work together in an environment that is free of toxicity, where diversity is valued, where people are aligned on mission and purpose, where they collaborate effectively, where trust and respect are in the air team members breathe every day.“

– Phillip Sandahl