Executive Coaching

  • Have you been promoted to a new leadership role, feeling excited but also insecure with the new responsibilities; eager to develop your own leadership style, but afraid of making mistakes and being judged by others?
  • Have you been assigned with a critical project leadership role, managing cross-cultural teams in a complex project organisation with very diverse stakeholder interests, and you feel anxious to master the challenges and  lead the project successfully?
  • Do you feel that the current management role cannot meet your desire for growth any more and would like to advance to a new level, either within or outside your organisation?
  • Your company/business unit/division is being restructured with lay-off programs. There is no job security any more. Are you looking for other options and need guidance and support on the way forward?
  • Is your job is getting more and more demanding, and you are struggling to have a better work-life balance?

Not only I myself have been through some of those phases during my own professional life, but I have also seen many executives and leaders having come across such dilemma in their career development. This is where a professional coach can best serve the needs of each individual. As your coach and also a sparring partner, I will help you develop deeper self-awareness to discover your unique gifts and your inner leaders, to clarify your own definition of success. You will be able to identify your saboteurs and learn how to quiet their voices and shift your perspectives. By utilizing the positive intelligence approach, I will guide you to explore the ways to turn obstacles into opportunities for learning and growth.

I will inspire you to gain new perspectives and insights through the evolving dynamics in the fast-changing environment. You will build up more resilience to respond to challenges with growth mindsets, and you will be able to identify strategies and effective solutions to work through the tough time and reach your goals. I will empower you to develop your own leadership style and find the most effective way to lead and motivate your team.  I will also support you to implement actions and form new habits which drive lasting success both personally and professionally.

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