International Executive Coach with profound business expertise and strong industrial background

Born and grown up in China, I have lived and worked in China, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Germany in the last 27 years. I am a global citizen with extensive professional experiences in business consulting, organisational development, leadership training and executive coaching.

My profile

As a facilitator, I have facilitated strategy development programs for executive teams for large international organisations and conducted a series of leadership training seminars. I have collaborated with clients in various industries such as automotive, banking, education, financial services, health care and manufacturing.

As a management consultant, I have led international and highly diversified teams and successfully managed complex projects such as company set-ups, the launch of new products/business models and process reengineering.

In my prior corporate career in Germany, I have held management roles with global responsibilities in Business Process Management and Organisational Consulting at Daimler Financial Services.

My previous studies include a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, China (awarded in 1994) and a Master of Commerce degree in Accounting at the University of Sydney in Australia (awarded in 2001).

I am a strong advocate of global and growth mindsets. I work in Chinese, English and German. Authenticity, compassion, integrity and open-mindedness are my core values.

My Coaching Journey

After surviving a traffic accident in 2019, I asked myself what it really meant to me to lead a fulfilling life and how I could make more positive impact on the society. I have listened to my inner calling and started my coaching journey. Having travelled and moved to so many different places in the world to advance my career path, I understand very well how it might feel being a foreigner or an “outsider” and how challenging it could be sometimes with the invisible glass ceiling in the workplace, especially in a traditional industry. At the same time, we are often overstretched while trying to balance multiple roles (as a leader, partner, parent…) on our shoulders and meet various demands. I know how valuable the guidance and support of a good coach can be for each individual, especially in a transition period and in the nowadays ever-changing social environment with much uncertainty ahead.

With a genuine curiosity for people, I am an attentive listener and create a safe space for my clients to discover their personal values, life purpose and their true passion. My coaching style is authentic, coactive and holistic. I help my clients to build deeper self-awareness to their inner wisdom and gain new perspectives through the evolving dynamics in the challenging situation. I support my clients to get out of their comfort zones, let go of limiting beliefs while unlocking their unique strengths and full potentials. I help clients develop desired new skills, change self-defeating mindsets, improve personal performance and elevate confidence. I inspire my clients to enhance their intercultural competence and develop global mindset by focusing on similarities among cultures and creating synergies. I support my clients to build up growth mindset and develop learning as a life-long habit so that they have the resilience and self-trust to thrive no matter in what circumstances.

Where I am now

Having completed the entire Curriculum at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) as well as the Positive Intelligence Program with Shirzad Chamine,  I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). As the oldest and largest coaching training institute in the world, CTI has laid the foundation for the modern coaching industry. The Co-Active model and principles have been regarded as the “gold standards” of coaching. Co-Active Coaching has profoundly transformed my own life in many ways.  ​​

I am passionate about coaching and it has been so rewarding for me to see how I can inspire and evoke brilliance, creativity and transformation in others. I am honouring my values and living my life purpose fully in my coaching practice!

I am also a Career Coach for the MBA students at ESMT, the leading Business School in Germany.

Currently I live with my family in Berlin, probably the most international, creative and dynamic city in Germany. Berlin has already become my second hometown, where I have lived for more than 10 years in the last 2 decades. When I am not working, I love photographing, reading, meditation and taking a long walk and exploring the history of Berlin.

My life purpose statement

„I am the colourful mountain which embraces various parts of nature and provides safe haven to whoever rests here to gain strength and inspirations for their life journey ahead!“

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